Distinctive name, Matthew Marvin

Maybe if I hadn't met him, maybe the name wouldn't have stood out as much?

Matthew Marvin, who's giant ego is full of motivation tries to inspire all people to just be and love themselves.

Would that be the same Matt Marvin who currently works two jobs as a waiter? Yes, that Matt Marvin...

Small world, isn't it.

Reporter: Did the movie Zoolander motivate you at all?
Marvin: "No. I'm not a big fan of Ben Stiller's work. Thanks to that movie, the reputation of men who get paid to look good turned more silly than sexy."

And regardless of the movie, male models have been made to wear some unfortunate outfits on the runway, including giant earmuffs. Still there are some ridiculously good-looking men who strut their stuff — Matthew Marvin comes to my mind. So I want to know: do male models turn you on?

Reporter: Can you be a 5'9" male model? Most of the women are usually 5'9" and up, since agencies expect men to be taller than women, are you less likely be booked for the job?
Marvin: "It is possible to get runway work as a 5'9" male, but it will mostly be in situations where most of the models on the runway are (by agency opinion) short. Some examples may be new clothing line shows, or if you look young enough, teen/college age shows."
Reporter: Can modeling agencies help you book shows?
Marvin: "No. Agencies Just want a cut of whatever you get paid. The only thing modeling agencies do is notify you of auditions. You let your agent know what kind of work you are interested in doing and then you will be sent on auditions. If the client likes you, they will hire you. It's all about your personality, experience, and skill."

1)Attitude. You may have everything that a designer is looking for in a fashion runway model but then if you don’t have the proper work ethics and discipline then you will never make it big in this industry. Although it has been a stereotype with top runway models to have a certain attitude it’s not really a pre-requisite. Of course when you’re one of the top models and you have been travelling a lot because of work then you might have certain problems dealing with people but that’s not an excuse to have any attitude problems right? So whether you’re just starting to be a model of you have been in the industry for a long time keeping a good attitude towards work will be a great advantage on your side.

Even if Runway top models are usually different from commercial models, they are always photographed when walking down the catwalk. These models are also the ones that do fashion editorials on top fashion magazines so a symmetrical face is really important if you want not only to enter the industry but if you really want to make it big.

Though this used to be a woman’s world, fashion runway modeling has opened its doors to male runway models, this was even represented in Ben Stiller’s movie Zoolander. The life of a model that was portrayed in that movie is way different from the way models in real life live.

Male models are known for not only being attractive but also knowing how to work all the angles. Models are great at posing, whether for the camera, the runway or simply to wink at the person looking their way. Whether you're a model or not you can learn to pose like one and get some people looking your way.

Step 1)Look through some magazines. Study how the male models are posed in different ads. Take note of their posture, angle of their chins, control of their limbs and most importantly, the look in their eyes. With each pose a model is supposed to be conveying a message. The message needs to originate from and shine through the eyes.

Step 2)Stand in front of a full length mirror. Look at your body and evaluate it honestly. What are your best features? What are your less desirable features? You want to highlight the positive items. If you have a great butt try standing backwards and twisting your torso to look over your shoulder at yourself. This might be a good pose for you. If you want to hide your stomach you might try squatting down and bringing your arms in front of your body on your knees.

Step 3)Move slowly and casually as you watch yourself in the mirror. One of the most common mistakes beginning models or those trying to pose like them make is thinking they have to move quickly through poses. You want to just move like normal and flow through from one pose to another.

Step 4)Ask a friend to come over and photograph you. Casually get into one pose then slowly move into another and another. Make sure your friend takes pictures the entire time. Try to express different emotions and thoughts with each pose or sequence of poses. Look at the photos. See how your expressions appear. Were they conveyed correctly?

Step 5)Print out the photos and examine your body lines. Take note of what looks good and what doesn't. Go back in front of the mirror and practice the things that looked good and work on making the things that looked bad better. Do another photo shoot with your friend. Look at the pictures again. Continue to practice. Just remember to have fun with it and relax.



Brian McFair
03/29/2011 21:35

I love this post!!!

Sarah B
04/01/2011 00:42

I agree!I watch the first video all the time on youtube. The one on how to start a modeling career. Can't wait until this guy makes it big!

04/02/2011 09:03

Dude update your video on the 2nd page!

Nina Brown
04/03/2011 00:52

I love your videos... please update the oneon the second page!

04/04/2011 12:26

Matt.... hire a publicist already. It's not doing anything but holding you back from the money and fame!

04/05/2011 14:56

Thank you to whomever posted this! I'm 5'9" and want to model as well! If you haven't done so yet you should definately check out this guy on Youtube!!!

Nascar Fan (Stacy Smith)
04/05/2011 20:23

I LOVE your car! OMG!

04/05/2011 21:33

Whats up Matt you fag?

Tricia Bellamy
04/06/2011 22:15

This guy has alot of fans according to his myspace and facebook profiles... but I just don't see him making it big unless he grows up and learns how to present a professional image?

John Sing
04/06/2011 23:29

One thing I personaly like about this uy is he's quick and to the point! I don't think he has a single video over 6 minutes on youtube?

Joly Thu
04/07/2011 00:42

Damn you are a hot ass white boy! ;)

Joly Thu
04/07/2011 00:43

^^^ not too quick I hope? ;)

Duhan Patel
04/07/2011 02:28

I'm 5'9" and want to model. Thanks Matt! This is a ood way for me to start my day :>)

Duhan Patel
04/07/2011 02:29


04/07/2011 02:31

Represent for B-Town Matt! Point boyz 4 life!

04/07/2011 02:33

and f&ck Zoolander and Ben Stiller! That movie was stupid! That was just a plain comedy fail. It was never focused around modeling at all?

04/07/2011 04:29

You kids these days are so disrespectful

Alex R.
04/08/2011 22:46

Woohoo!!! Spam about Matt Marvin via facebook! =c)

Joyce Ottley
04/08/2011 22:47

Lol dido! My facebook got hit with this one tonight too.

brett h.
04/09/2011 03:33

good post

Blane Pinsley
04/09/2011 03:47

Am I the only one who has never heard of this guy until now?

04/09/2011 03:49

I've never heard of him either? I guess that's why everyone is getting spammed with this web page via social networks?^^^

B-Town Click
04/09/2011 03:50

YOu would know this guy's name if you lived in iloxi or georgia! =8)

Point Boy
04/09/2011 03:51


04/09/2011 03:52

You Coast BOYS are soooo ignorant. You can't even spell?

Bob R.
04/14/2011 22:19

There is no way these hit counters can be accurate? There is NO WAY these dumb articles with a dumb model that nobody has ever heard of has gotten 1 million views?

Random Commenter
04/15/2011 00:24

Yep... I'm with you Bob. There is one thing we all have in common though. We are ALL getting spammed with this stuff. I don't know if it has a true million views but it's definately getting pased around?

Web Geek
04/15/2011 00:35

Well, I have read your comments Bob and friends. I am an IT for the Navy. The counter seems to be working. You can test it; look at what the number says right now. Next refresh your page and the counter will add 1. My big question is if it really does have that many views why hasn't that many people tweeted or liked it? One thing is for sure; true million views or not these web articles are getting around to everyone's inboxs'. Social networks and emails. I call fake on the true million count though. Will investigate; give me a few days and I will respond.

Web Geek
04/15/2011 00:41

Well, the tweet button does not work. I tried to like this article myself; the feed went through and it even posted to my twitter but the website itself is not keeping track of the tweets! Still call BS on the 1million view thing though? If he's getting millions of views then why hasn't anyone contacted him to advertise on his webpages?

Web Geek
04/15/2011 00:47

Sorry all; I meant I tried to TWEET this post. Tweet counter does not work but facebook like seems to be keeping count fine?

04/15/2011 13:19

This inspired me alot

04/16/2011 00:33


04/17/2011 23:44

stupid models

sandy Hill
04/19/2011 14:33

I love you!!!!

Ginna D.
04/20/2011 00:04

So sexy!

Fryer Tuck
04/22/2011 04:18

So you're telling me this guy has NOOOO publicist.... yet he gets all of these comments/attention to his blogs and over 1mill views? Dude get a publicist and crunch some major numbers! I'd hate to see what you could do with some help?

Linda L.
04/22/2011 04:19

Your tweet button is broke sir

Mario C.
04/23/2011 02:33

This guy has a huge fan base but not much of a professional resume? If anything it's a good start though?

Modelmayhem TALENT
05/04/2011 01:01

Matt, your tone is honest; verging on sentimental. As a model, you still have yet to shine.

linda b
05/12/2011 04:05

You rock!

Rocky Mountain
05/16/2011 20:40


07/11/2011 23:31


Balinda R.
09/01/2011 14:48

Why is the second page the only one I can comment on?

05/07/2012 02:12

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