Model Refuses Publicist
BY ABI February 12, 2010

      A local model refuses to hire a publicist because he claims he does not want to lose control of his image. The, semi-known, Mississippi model Matthew Marvin fears misrepresentation in the press if he allows an agent to control his image and handle all of his affairs. Marvin does not seem to have an issue with taking orders from a publicist or agency. The small time model does, however, seem to have an issue with falling into the "professional" genre. He says, "I have very realistic ideas about how I want to do my work and how I want to be perceived. I don't listen to anyone else - that's why I don't have a publicist and I do my own promotions."
     If you're trying to put model Matthew Marvin into some kind of neat box, good luck. This is a man whose career has included images from a nerdy boyish type, to a full grown married family man, all the way to a handsome thuggish pride. He's not about to change anything. "I just like making art and inspiring others to follow their dreams," Marvin, 24, says by phone from Georgia. "I want to make art and inspire, period! You can't categorize it and I can't categorize it for you."
     These days Marvin might be best known for local promotions and waiting tables, nothing more than a "community icon" if you will? He says he has more photo shoots and videos in the works. He shared with me the idea of working with a less fortunate child as well as future plans to start his own promotional company in the near future. When asked for further details, he says: "It's not only me just modeling for anyone else but me? My goal is to inspire in my own ways. It's really hard to describe."
     Marvin remains one of the most underrated models of our time. His versatile command of genres coupled with his realistic inspiration – a clear, sturdy, powerful instrument – has made him a sought-after talent. He tries to be an all around fair person to all and it shows. He has found brief success in small amounts, namely with his "Biloxi Photoshoot" album which received over 10,000 picture views in it's first 2 months. But he feels that both he and The City of Biloxi have mostly been criminally uncelebrated.
     Matt is steadily working to change that, at least a little bit. He is expanding through various social network websites, has started groups such as Biloxi Mississippi Stand Up, fan pages,  and even has a website page dedicated to helping charities. Marvin, who had been nominated numerous times in competitions before without winning, still has mixed feelings about taking in all of the limelight, even if he lobbied for it.
     "I don't feel that I have done anything that was earth-shattering, because I am kind of anti-awards for my art," he says. "It's ignorant to say that somebody inspired another better than somebody else. As long as I inspire at least one person I'm happy. Sadly in most cases, fame is just a popularity contest you can never be number one at. I feel like I am fighting so many people for the number one spot in that contest every day. I love inspiring people and making art but sometimes not being number one just weighs me down. I think that is why I try to move on and experiment with other things as well. If I ever was to become famous it would be a bit of a surprise to me, but I am making a conscious decision to go after it. I am becoming my own promoter and educating myself more and more everyday through trial and error. I feel that I am becoming a stronger person because of it."
     The Biloxi Photo Shoot hoopla behind him, Marvin continues to promote himself extensively, both overseas and in the United States. Matt is scheduled to touch down in The Philippines sometime around June or July of 2010. He reportedly already has photo shoots scheduled there. The photo shoots will focus on capturing unique images that can only be captured in The Philippines.
     Marvin has trouble answering a query about modeling as a creative rebirth in his livelihood.
And once again we are reminded of how much variety is an integral part of his muse.
     "The reason that it's hard for me to answer that question is that because when I work live, and I work live a lot, I am always introduced to different kinds of opportunities. I like to dabble and have my hands in a little bit of everything. So it's hard for me to think of myself locked in any one position," he says. "One day I hope to model for a company or product I would proudly represent, then help some inspiring models, maybe take a couple of acting classes, then become an actor, and then help a couple more people with their careers. It's hard to say that I am locked into modeling or promoting because I'm not. I'm planning on doing everything and I advise everyone out there who wants to be out of the ordinary to plan your life and go after it!"
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