Modeling and Acting Aren't Just For Pretty People Anymore

These days the only way you will find  the words smart and model next to each other is if you're looking for the models of the new smart cars? Here are just a few more steriotypes....

All models are thin.
All models are anorexic or bulimic .
They puke up their food.
They are stuck up.

All models are dumb (not true...many of them put themselves through college with modeling, and then go on to other careers when the modeling is over.)
Some people also believe that models are very unhappy people with low self esteem who constantly need reassurance from people on how good they look. The truth is most of them are very ugly but people will say anything to make them feel good about themselves.

A "model" to me means a representation. Something composed of certain attributes which a creator is looking for. When I say looking for I mean the creator feels that the model can help him or her create images that are relevant to particular motifs in their mind. As a model you are literally a substitute for a certain subject in someone's mind. The only difference between modeling and acting is still frame images and motion images. I feel that modeling and acting are both equally important because we can express many unique ideas. For example the documentation or perception of a "culture gap." Actors and models tell stories.

Perceptions of oneself and others play a central role in the construction of models. I feel like people create or bring up stereotypes because they need attention. It's a way to create rejection for someone else. I think in order to change the world, not just the modeling industry people are going to have to step up and take responsibility. Not just strong, pretty, good looking people asserting themselves but everyone needs to assert themselves.

People who create the modeling atmosphere need to step up as well. Open up more categories for all differences. The skills, abilities, traits, experiences, of the wide ranges of people is what makes all of these companies more money verses less money. Today you can't have a highly successful organization if it's not prepared to handle issues of a diverse crowd. Employees or customers.

There are no ugly people in this world just people with differences. If you think you're an ugly person you should just look at it a totally different way... just say look I have a lot more character than you do.

No two people are exactly alike. If you don't believe me go out and try to find a "soul mate." My point is everyone needs to realize that everyone is different and we need to stand up for ourselves and admit... yes I'm different and you need to respect my differences. Especially if you've ever been in a long term relationship... you know what I'm talking about. In order to be able to get someone to respect your difference... you first have to admit that you have one. Identify your differences and show them to the world.

Tons of places in the world are already open and are waiting to be created so don't ever think that you're not good enough for whatever it is that you want to do.

Matthew Marvin